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Smash Cake Photo Shoot
in Hamburg

Pancake Shooting

Smash Cake Photo Shoot in Hamburg

Pancake Shooting

The Smash Cake – Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Whether smash cake or cake smash photo shoot, of course both mean the same thing.

A smash cake shoot is a relatively new type of photo shoot that has grown in popularity in recent years. This is about photographing the baby in a special birthday outfit, usually around or on their first birthday, and giving them a cake that they can then reach into it, destroy and, of course, eat to their heart’s content.

Julie was one of the first photographers in Germany to offer cake smash photo shoots back in 2013. At that time it was an absolute sensation and still completely unknown. This trend photography was probably taken in the USA. But the traditions go back much further, if you only think of the Mexican Mordida, for a child’s first birthday.

As with all photo ops, the sooner you contact me, the better we can plan. Cake Smash photos are usually taken from about 3 weeks before the actual birthday until just after the actual celebration.

With a lot of creativity, love and patience I conjure up unforgettable birthday pictures for you.

Your Julie

Smash Cake Photo Shoot Hamburg

How does a smash cake shoot work?

Once the date is set, the preparations for the cake smash begin. Everything begins with a detailed preliminary talk and the necessary planning by the photographer. Since the baby is photographed almost exclusively in a professional photo studio, it is decorated and designed accordingly before the appointment. It is very important to Julie that the baby is comfortable, not stressed and in a good mood.

The big smash cake shoot includes not only the cake and baby photography, but also a family shoot and individual photos of the baby without the cake. These pictures are taken first in time. There are usually different outfits and props that are used for the shoot. Only then does the cake come into play.

When the baby is ready there is often another change of outfit, but that depends on what is planned.

The cake will be smashed

Children’s reactions to the cake often vary greatly. Some are immediately enthusiastic about it, while others are initially skeptical. But that’s completely normal and now a few pictures with the baby and the cake (unsmashed) should be taken quickly. Only then should the child reach into the cake. Parents often encourage the baby to destroy the cake, which is often the case. After all, it’s not natural to be presented with what is often the first cake of your life and then immediately punch into it with your fist.

So he follows a slow approach until the child has literally got a taste for it. And it’s actually over just as quickly as it all began. Because the baby’s concentration drops rapidly, after just a few minutes.

For parents who have booked the larger shooting, the finale follows – the milk bath.

Milk bath as the crowning glory of the cake smash

The cake leftovers may already be well packed so that they can still be eaten in the afternoon, but the little ones are far from ready as they are completely covered in cake leftovers.

What better way than to take a quick bath. In a small bathtub, the children can be washed and there are still great final photos. As a surprise, many get their first slice of lemon, which they – mostly unknowingly – bite into.

But no matter how much they grimace at the sour character of the lemon, they seem to have discovered a new delicacy and bite into the yellow fruit again and again.

Why a smash cake is so popular

A smash cake shoot is a beautiful reminder of a child’s first birthday. There are many emotional moments and funny facial expressions that can be captured in the photos.

As mentioned at the beginning, smash cake shooting has become increasingly popular in the photography scene in recent years. This type of photo shoot is very popular, especially among parents with small children. It’s a great way for parents to document the child’s personality and development. The photos are also a great gift idea for relatives and friends.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the smash cake shoot is that it’s a great way to celebrate a child’s first birthday (in addition to celebrating at home). Incidentally, this is often celebrated before or after the shooting and does not necessarily take place on the birthday.

Such a shoot can be a great pleasure for the child himself, since it is finally allowed to dig into the cake and decorate the cake in any way – if you will. The moment the child tastes the cake and the happy facial expressions that emerge are unforgettable and make for great souvenir photos.

Another reason a smash cake shoot is popular is that it’s a great way to express the photographer’s creativity. There are countless ways to stage the cake and the child. Depending on the space and characteristics of the child, there are many different styles to try.

Another benefit of a smash cake photoshoot is that it’s a fun event. Most children don’t feel like sitting still and posing for hours. However, with the help of the cake, there is enough distraction to get great shots without the child getting bored quickly.

Aside from the benefits for the child and the photographer, the smash cake shoot is also a great way for the parents to commemorate the child. The photos can be used as cute decorations at home or even collected in a photo album for later memories.

In summary, a smash cake shoot is popular for many different reasons. It’s a great way to host a special celebration, create unforgettable memories and express the creativity of the photographer.

Tips & ideas for a successful smash cake shoot

Of course, it’s not enough to put a delicious cake in front of the baby’s nose in a studio and then take a picture of it. As with all professional photographers, this is always preceded by planning, design of the studio and intensive preparation. But there is also a whole range of things for the parents that have proven to guarantee a really fantastic shoot. It starts at home, goes over the things you should bring with you and ultimately runs through the entire shoot.

As soon as you have booked a fixed appointment with Julie, she will contact you and give you a list of all the things that will make this day an unforgettable experience.

It is basically the case that you, as parents, specify the color accents and thus the framework of the shooting. Because the studio will also be designed to match. Julie creates a special atmosphere in which the baby feels comfortable and in a good mood. And then it can start.

In addition to the actual cake smash, smashing a cake, there are also many other creative ideas that basically go in the same direction.

The intensive preliminary discussion with the parents keeps creating new ideas that may then replace the cake. The picture at the top shows, for example, a pancake shoot. But fluffy muffins are also suitable for such a shoot. Incidentally, the cakes, pancakes, muffins and all other groceries are taken back by the family afterwards and then eaten.

Packages and Prices for Smash Cake Photo Shoots

Smash cake photography, as a part of baby photography, is shorter in time than a newborn photo shoot, for example, but is also one of the most complex photo sessions due to the elaborate decoration and follow-up work. This makes it one of the most underestimated photo shoots in this area.

I currently offer two different shooting packages, which differ in scope and content. In the following you can get an overview. You can get more information about the individual shootings with the respective link “More information”. Below you will find the button “Now for the shooting dates” with which you can choose between the respective shootings and choose the appropriate dates.

Smash Cake Photo Shoot Hamburg

  • Price


  • Services
    • 5 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • including photo collage 20x30cm
    • Photos with and without cake
    • Digital picture package (99 €) included#
    • Duration: approx. 1 hour

Smash Cake Photo Shoot Birthday Session

  • Price


  • Services
    • 10 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • Birthday picture on canvas 40x60cm
    • Family photos
    • Photos with and without cake
    • Subsequent milk bath with photos
    • Digital picture package (99 €) included
    • Duration: approx. 2h


Smash Cake Photos – Frequently Asked Questions

Your child’s first birthday is a special moment. In order to have great photos as a souvenir, more and more parents decide for a cake smash photo shoot shortly before the first birthday, in order to hold beautiful pictures in their hands for this. As part of the upcoming Smash Cake event, there are always numerous questions that arise, I have already answered the most common ones here.

1. Where can I get the cake from?

The parents always bring the cake. You either bake it yourself or have it made in a bakery. If you book your appointment with me, you will also receive addresses where you can order these cakes as part of all other information. If you decide to make pancakes, muffins and the like, for example, you usually bake them yourself. But we will discuss all of that in the preliminary talk.

2. What should the cake look like for the cake smash shoot?

There are no hard and fast rules as to what the cake should look like for a smash cake photograph. Parents can design and decorate the cake according to their own preferences, or they can hire a professional bakery to do it. However, a smash cake should be soft and easily breakable so that the child can easily crush it with their hands and eat it. The size should also be considered. A cake about 15-19 centimeters in diameter is big enough for the child, but not too much.

3. Where are the photos taken?

With very few exceptions, a cake smash always takes place in the photo studio. This is due to the elaborate decoration, the lighting, etc. If you still want such a spectacle in the garden or on the beach, for example, talk to me beforehand and I will work out a highly individual shoot for you.

4. When is the right time for a cake smash photo shoot?

The best time for a smash cake photograph is the child’s first birthday, or 2-3 weeks before. Most parents choose this day to take a round of souvenir photos and then hold them in their hands on the actual birthday. It is a momentous event and a time that will be remembered forever. A smash cake photograph is ideal for that moment when the birthday child puts their mouth in the cake and tastes it.


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