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Have you already photographed a lot of babies?

Can we do the newborn shoot later?

Are there breaks during the shoots?

Isn’t the shoot too exhausting for my baby?

How long does the shoot take?

Can we bring our dog?

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  • Isn’t the shoot too exhausting for my baby?

    No. The atmosphere is very relaxed and everything is geared towards the baby’s wellbeing. Trust me.

  • Can we do the newborn shoot later?

    Yes, but after four weeks it is no longer a newborn. Then certain poses or wraps are no longer possible. The babies are also much more alert then. But you will also get beautiful photos then.

  • Have you already photographed a lot of babies?

    In fact, I’ve photographed hundreds of newborns, babies and children.

  • What if my baby cries all the time?

    Don’t worry, it won’t scream all the time. It will calm down and relax very gently. Trust me here too.

  • Do you give discounts?

    There are always specials and offers. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for the newsletter, then you won’t miss anything.

  • Are there breaks in the shoots?

    Each shoot is very individual, as unique as the babies, children, mothers or families. This also automatically results in breaks.

  • How long will it take before I can see the first photos?

    You will normally get an online gallery within the first week after the shoot. From this you can then choose your favorite pictures.

Specific questions

  • Can we bring our dog?

    With pleasure. We have a lot of experience with dogs and, if necessary, the dog can be in the picture.

  • Do you also photograph children or just babies?

    Of course I also take pictures of children. I have three myself and children have been part of the shoot from the start.

  • Do you give the RAW images?

    No, the RAW files are generally not given out.

  • I have booked a shooting appointment. What if my baby comes early or late?

    It’s not a problem and it’s not just yours. We will stay in contact around the due date and you will contact us after the birth for further coordination.

  • How long does a shoot take?

    Newborn & Baby Basic Session, approx. 2 hours

    Baby Premium Session, approx. 3 hours

    Baby Exclusive Session, approx. 4 hours

    Baby Club Session, approx. 5 hours

    Maternity Shooting, approx. 1h (2h with outdoor)

    Maternity Premium Shooting, approx. 3 hours

    These are only rough figures. We’re done when we have nice photos, sometimes it takes longer and sometimes less.

  • My baby has acne, will that be retouched?

    Yes, normal retouching is of course included. In the end, your baby will have smooth and soft skin.

  • What if I don’t want retouching?

    That’s no problem at all. I am guided entirely by you.

Clothing & materials

  • Where do the cakes and decorations come from in Cake Smash?

    We organize the decoration and the balloons. You bring the cake or pie with you. You can get information about this from me.

  • Do you have clothes and props for the babies?

    Yes, countless. Lots of clothing, blankets, hats and props are provided. You really don’t have to bring anything. But if you have special requests, let’s talk about them beforehand.

  • Do you offer dresses for a maternity shoot?

    Oh yeah. You can choose from over 40 different clothes and colors. I will make this available to you at no cost.

Pictures, prices & miscellaneous

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