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The Monochrome Awards, a special competition exclusively for black and white photographs, has been an award for photographers worldwide since 2014.

Again, it’s not just about babies, but in principle about all types of photography, as long as they are monochrome, i.e. black & white.

The awards describe themselves as follows: “The Monochrome Awards are primarily aimed at people for whom photography is a passion and a way of life. It is a platform where professionals and amateurs can submit their shots in a sea of ambitious and creative photographers from all over the world,… to show their work to an international audience.”

Numerous categories, whether fashion, art, landscape or architectural photography, offer a wide range for countless artists.

Those who are addicted to traditional photography will find breathtaking photos here.

I am therefore very pleased that my pictures have attracted attention despite the abundance of photographers and great photos. The baby photography is not particularly highlighted in this competition so that I was rather afraid that the pictures “go down”.

Monochrome Awards 2021

Das Bild zeigt 5 Kinder und ein Baby. In der Mitte steht der große Bruder, der das Baby auf dem Arm hält, rechts und links daneben die kleineren Schwestern und neben denen die noch kleineren Schwestern. Jedes Kind lehnt den Kopf an die Schulter des nächst größeren Kindes.
Prize: Honorable Mention 2021 / Portrait (Professional)
Das Bild zeigt ein Baby in einer kleinen Badewanne sitzend, dahinter seine Schwester die ihn mit Wasser aus einer Karaffe übergießt.
Prize: Honorable Mention 2021 / Fine Art (Professional)
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