• The International Baby Photo Awards Trophy 2021 standing on the beach. Behind there is seagras and the ocean.

    Baby Photo Awards Trophy 2021

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A baby is lying on a small wooden lounger with its hands clasped behind its head. The feet are lightly crossed. It sleeps.
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Baby & Newborn Photoshooting

10. June 2021

The Baby Photo Award

Now it has actually come true, I received the trophy of the International Photography Contest “Baby Photo Awards” 2021. When I hold this in my hands, it’s still a bit unreal. I’m so proud and just really happy about it. For a year I took part in the monthly competitions, the so-called collections. It’s always a surpris
13. May 2021

Newborn shoot with two dogs

Shooting a newborn baby with dogs is a special affair. Two companions were present at this shoot and of course wanted their attention. There are not many moments when the baby is in a pose and the dogs in their place, let alone smile friendly at the camera.
16. April 2021

Photography only begins after the shooting

With a good camera, press the shutter release a few times and bang – the most beautiful pictures of all time are in the can. But it’s not that simple after all. For me, the shoot starts days in advance. Thoughts and plans for the process are then usually replaced the day or evening before by concrete preparation for the decoration and props. After all, everything should be perfect on the morning of the shoot. But when the shooting day is over, things really start for me.

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Juliana sitting on the beach with her Nikon D3S in hand. Beach chairs can be seen in the background.

Photography is my fervour, my passion. To cite Mark Twain “Enjoy your doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”. This feels great!

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“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

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From the beginning, the baby photography was the main issue for me. Even more exciting is the newborn photo shooting during the first two weeks after birth. Over the years and well over thousand shootings, I have continuously developed my skills as a photographer. But above all, dealing with the little ones really taught me and so today I can say: “You dear parents, don’t worry, we’ll rock the baby. The result will be magical photos. I promise.”

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