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Baby & Newborn Photo Shooting

The newborn shooting takes place within the first two weeks after the birth. That sounds early to many parents, but don’t worry, the well-being and safety of the baby are always top priority and you will be amazed by the results. The classic baby photo shoot actually only comes in the period after that. The newborn shoots are the supreme discipline in this sub-area of photography and even after many years, every shoot is an exciting challenge. If the baby is hungry again, does it sleep afterwards or is it awake, how long will it last …

Baby lies prone with a cap on his head and sleeps with a kissing mouth.

I can lie like this forever

Baby lies on a small bench and sleeps. Next to it is a small bedside table with blue flowers.

My room, my bed

A newborn baby sits in a hexagonal wooden box with a light bulb over it and books for decoration.

A light goes on to me

A firefighter holds his helmet upside down in his hands, in which the newborn baby is sitting

When i grow up i will …

A newborn baby sleeps lying on a small armchair. The sister sits next to it and reads from a large book. A lantern shines in the background.

As a couple, like in a fairy tale

A sleeping baby, with a wreath of flowers on her head, lying in prone position resting her head on her hands and forearms.

Psssst! I’m thinking

A prone baby, legs drawn up, asleep on a cream-colored divan. In the background a cream-colored wall.

Sleep in style

Ein kleines Baby mit weißer Mütze liegt  auf einem Stapel brauner Handtücher und schläft. Im Hintergrund eine kleine Badewanne.

Towels are enough

Cake Smash & Pancake Shooting

Cake smash photo shoots or the pancake shoots that I like to take are regularly held on the 1st birthday. The special thing about it is that the baby and a cake or even a large pile of pancakes come into focus together. The shoot itself is a great pleasure for the baby, the parents and me. There are practically no rules and the tension mounts as to what is likely to happen. Some babies are slowly starting to explore, taste, and play around with the cake. Others dive right in, with their hands or their whole face. Then everything is smeared and romped about and played. This creates unforgettable moments that I capture with the camera. The first birthday in this form is then truly an unforgettable experience.

Baby with a pink headband are in front of a pink cake with a large pink balloon. The mouth is already a bit smeared with cake and cream.
Three babies are sitting next to each other, a cake in the foreground, everything is decorated in white and pastel yellow for the birthday. The mouths are already smeared with cake.
A baby in a chair bends over a cake and lets a collie sitting on the other side lick its fingers.
A one year old boy sits beaming in front of a small table covered with fresh pancakes. He holds a pancake dangling in both his right and left hand. The background is decorated with lanterns and natural-colored pennants.
A one year old girl and the older sister are sitting on the bed with the birthday cake in their hands, face and bare feet. Transparent balloons float next to them.

Outdoor Shooting

Outdoor photography has its own special charm. It doesn’t matter whether it is about pregnancy shoots, family pictures or shoots with children. There are numerous factors that are difficult to influence, from strong sunlight to little light, sudden wind or even rain, there can be many imponderables. With a lot of experience and a little bit of luck, these hurdles can be overcome and the result is fantastic pictures that everyone fondly remembers.

Eine Schwangere junge Frau mit langem pastellfarbenen Kleid steht zwischen Gräsern, im Hintergrund ist das Meer erkennbar. Mein hat den Eindruck als würde sie durch die Büsche im Vordergrund fotografiert werden.

Behind the light

Two children, a little boy and a slightly older sister, are sitting in the dry grass. The girl holds the boy's head and kisses him on the forehead. The sun is setting in the background.

Picnic for two

A father is standing on the beach with the newborn baby in his arms. The baby yawns, the father looks at it. The calm sea can be seen in the background.

Good morning Dad

A pregnant woman stands on a rough beach. In front of her and behind her the calm sea. A hill can be seen to the right of her. The train of the dress is blowing in the wind.

Light breeze

Zu sehen ist ein weites Kornfeld, in dessen Vordergrund eine schwangere Frau mit rotem Trägerkleid steht. Ihre Hände umschließen ihren Bauch, sie lächelt in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund ist der Sonnenaufgang zu sehen.

Highlight in the field

In der Mitte des Bildes steht eine große Muschel auf dem Sandstrand. In der Muschel sitzt ein Neugeborenes Baby und schläft. Im Hintergrund ist das ruhige Meer zu erkennen.

Washed up

Newborn Shooting and Shooting with Kids & Dogs

In many families, the dog is a permanent member of the family. And the little babies are also fascinating for dogs. So why not take up the challenge and bring newborn and dog or bitch together. Sometimes the dogs put themselves in the limelight and almost steal the show from the babies – but only almost …

A baby sits asleep in a kind of gray stone flower pot. Next to it is a large, brown dog that has turned its head to the baby and is looking at it friendly.
Who should actually be in the picture here?
A baby lies in the armchair and sleeps. A small dog is sitting on decorative objects to the right and left of it. On the right a black and white, on the left a beige one
The armchair is occupied
A baby lies asleep in a white wooden tub. A large, white dog is lying diagonally behind it and has turned its head to the sleeping baby, apparently envious.
Are you jealous of the sleeping place?
A small, sleeping baby lying prone on a cream two-seater sofa. Behind it a large dog is looking over the sofa. In the foreground are two guitars, a small guitar case and a guitar amplifier.
Rock ‘n’ roll baby
A baby lies on an S-like prop and sleeps. Next to it, a dalmatian hugs the baby very closely.
My dalmatian
A collie is lying on a cozy blanket, its back legs are almost completely hidden by the blanket. In the dog's arms, a small baby hugs the blanket and the dog.
Cuddled up together
A baby is lying on a small green bench on a cozy blanket. Straw looms in the background. A medium-sized, black dog leans a little over the baby from the foot end.
Is the diaper full?

    Maternity Photo Shooting

    Maternity photography is something very special for women. Either for the first or possibly for the last time, photographed with the feeling of carrying something very extraordinary. Often the planned due date is only a few weeks away, so the anticipation and the stresses of everyday life go hand in hand. With this shoot you will create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

    A pregnant woman in a pastel blue dress lies on her back and looks at her daughter, who is lying on her side to her right. Both hold the woman's belly.

    In Heaven

    A pregnant woman in front of a dark background, photographed from the side. She wears a black skirt and a black top, arms and stomach are free. In her arms she is holding a young girl who is also wearing a black dress.

    Black is beauty

    A pregnant woman lightly clothed with a green-gray cloth in front of a dark gray background. The cloths are blowing up in the background. The belly is free and is embraced by it.


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