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Baby photography
in Hamburg

Newborn Photoshoot

Baby photography in Hamburg

Newborn Photoshoot

Welcome to baby photography in Hamburg

A new family member is on the way or has already arrived and you want to capture the precious moments of this sweet time forever? Then Julie Jolie is the place for you. Julie has specialized in baby photography for over 10 years. Over the years she has become one of the most successful photographers in the field and has had well over 1000 babies in front of the camera. With baby photography in Hamburg, she offers a comprehensive repertoire of possibilities and will help you to create the baby photos of your dreams.

Here you will find out everything you need to know about baby photography, what is important for a successful baby photo shoot, what to expect, how you can prepare for it and why you should not do without it. You can also find the topic “Creative Ideas for Baby Photography” and “Frequently Asked Questions” below.

Within baby photography there are also other special areas, such as newborn photography, cakesmash shooting, as well as baby and animal photography. Part is tied to lifetimes. The newborn up to the 28th day of life (whereby the shooting usually takes place within the first two weeks, up to a maximum of up to the third week), the baby (the infant) then up to the end of the first year of life. Then toddlerhood begins. At the end of the first year, usually on the first birthday, is the typical time for the cakesmash shoot.

If all of this is already clear to you, you can also use the following button to book the shootings and an appointment directly. Otherwise just keep going and of course you can also reach Julie via email or phone.

The sooner you contact me, the better we can plan. Pregnant women often come shortly before the delivery (28th-34th/36th week of pregnancy) and then again 1-2 weeks after the birth. Then is the best time for newborn photography.

With a lot of love and patience, I transform the individual beauty of your baby into magical pictures.

Your Julie

Babyfotografie Hamburg

The advantages of professional baby photography

Many parents wonder whether it is worth having professional baby photos taken or whether they can take them themselves. In principle, it is of course possible to take the photos yourself. However, it can be difficult to get the baby into the right position, to find the perfect lighting, etc. Also, as a parent, there is often still a lot of excitement because everything is so new and small.

A professional photographer, on the other hand, has the experience and the necessary equipment to put the baby in the best possible light. Image processing by a professional photographer also ensures high-quality and aesthetic photos.

Whether newborn photography (usually within the first 2 weeks after birth) or baby photography in the weeks and months afterwards, family members should not be missing next to the little new earthlings. And that doesn’t just mean siblings, but also the lovely pets. This has become a specialty of mine over the years. So that baby photography and animal photography merge into one another.

Here are the top 10

1. Experience and skills: A professional baby photographer has an eye for the best lighting, background and angle for each photo and knows tricks to get the baby in the right position.

2. Time Saving: With a professional baby photo shoot, parents can rest assured that they will get the most out of their shooting session and get a multitude of images in the shortest amount of time.

3. Memories Forever: Baby photography is the perfect way to capture memories of your little one’s first few months. Often this is not done with self-made pictures or there are only very few.

4. Creative ideas: A professional baby photographer has an artistic streak and can impress with creative ideas for backgrounds, accessories and poses. There are often things that parents don’t think of due to lack of experience.

5. Professionalism: The photographer will take care of everything, from planning the photo session to the right clothing to match the setting (indoor and outdoor) to accessories and editing the images.

6. Personal Touch: A professional baby photographer can cater to each client’s needs to ensure they receive photos that reflect their desires. In addition, the photographer should spread calm and a pleasant atmosphere, because often the parents are the most excited.

7. Unique photos: With professional baby photography you get unique photos that are of an artistic nature and are difficult to realize yourself.

8. High-quality images: Professional photographers use high-quality equipment and process the images with care, sometimes extensively, to ensure that the photos look perfect and are of high quality. Attention is often paid to details that the untrained person does not even notice.

9. Flexibility: A professional baby photographer can react spontaneously to changes in the photo session and adjust the plans if necessary to achieve better results.

10. Emotional meaning: The images captured in a professional baby photography session not only have a high meaning for the parents, but also for the child, who will one day cherish these wonderful memories.

Overall, professional baby photography has many benefits and is a great way to capture memories of precious time with a new family member. It pays to hire a professional baby photographer to make this special time in your life unforgettable.

How to prepare for a baby photo shoot

In order to be able to carry out a baby photo shoot successfully, a certain amount of preparation is necessary. Professionals always prepare meticulously and plan everything in advance according to your wishes. If you also want to help ensure that the shooting is not only relaxed but also well prepared, we have a few tips for you. Incidentally, these tips do not necessarily apply to the newborn shoot, here different rules apply again.

1. When looking for a suitable photographer (also applies to photographers) you have certainly already looked at their portfolio and noticed different styles. Julie is very experienced and therefore masters several different directions. See what you like and discuss it in advance. The opinions of friends and acquaintances are often helpful, provided they have already been to Julie.

2. Discuss your wishes and ideas in the preliminary talk. If necessary, you can also photograph pictures that you have already seen somewhere and make them available in advance. Then the style you want is very clear.

3. Prepare the clothes for the baby or pack the things you want your baby to wear – Julie Jolie also has a wide range of baby clothes to choose from.

4. Make sure the baby is full and rested. This is a point that is often underestimated. Of course, the baby can also drink or eat something during the shoot, but it shouldn’t arrive starved. The time of day should also be chosen well, because there are phases when the babies are sleeping. So the timing should be before or after. Babies often sleep while their parents arrive.

5. Take water and diapers with you. Even if you have packed the children full, such a shooting is still exciting for the children and the studio is correspondingly warm. So the baby is thirsty more often and wants to drink something. And in conclusion, of course, it has to be more frequent and therefore you may need more than just a diaper.

6. If the baby likes a pacifier, it should be there too. It would be unnecessary stress for the baby if this is missing.

7. Bring any accessories you may want, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. There are always accessories that become temporary favourites, and then take them with you. This gives the baby a certain additional feel-good factor.

Talk to me and tell me your wishes, hobbies and ideas, then I will find the right setting for you and the photos will be unique. The following button will take you directly to the dates for the baby photo shoot in Hamburg.

Creative ideas in baby photography

Baby photography is an art in itself that requires special skills and knowledge. It is an incredibly wide field and opens up almost endless possibilities for the photographer and ultimately also for the parents to take creative and unique photos. Here are some creative baby photography ideas to inspire you:

1. Theme-based photo shoots: Here, a specific theme is in the foreground. Parents often bring ideas with them through their hobbies, jobs or preferences. Julie then implements them accordingly. Whether it’s dad’s skateboard, mom’s guitar, the fireman’s helmet and many other ideas. Fairy tale characters are also used again and again. Entire themed shoots have already developed from this at Julie Jolie, whereby photographs are only taken on the subject for one or two days and several babies and families have the opportunity to take part. For example, the annual mermaid shoots, the fairy minis, the Christmas photography, etc. Very special props are then used to create a special scenery that supports the theme.

2. The simple set, e.g. black & white: Contrary to the themes just mentioned, a comprehensive theme is avoided in the case of simple sets. Babies are often only dressed in a diaper or only have a hat on, are lying down or are being held by a parent. Incredible photos can also be achieved with this slim setting.

3. The Baby Details: With this style, the focus is literally on the little things. Then it’s no longer about photographing the baby with the backdrop as a whole, but instead, for example, putting the feet or little hands in the foreground. Sometimes also in combination with the hands of the parents. Focusing them on detailed shots gives the images a whole new perspective.

4. Together with the parents: Although the babies are alone in front of the camera, there are often wonderful moments when the parents or family join them. Especially the first moments of mother-child or father-child are unforgettable and usually very emotional and can be captured on camera. (This is particularly true for newborn photography, but moments like this can also be captured in the second or third month of life.)

5. Photography of babies and pets: A specialty of Julie is the photography of the newborn or baby together with the pet (usually a dog, sometimes two, etc.). The trained handling of animals in combination with baby photography opens up completely new possibilities and always produces unique and sometimes breathtaking pictures.

6. Outdoors: Weather permitting, Julie also photographs the baby in their natural surroundings such as a park, garden, the beach or along a river/forest path. But even such images require careful planning and preparation, because the appropriate setting may have to be created with light, reflectors, etc. Also, the sun must not be too high when shooting outdoors, or the baby must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Personal context: The baby’s personal items, such as toys or accessories, can also be used to create unique and emotional images that reflect the baby’s character. These accessories are often combined with the points mentioned above.

Overall, creativity in baby photography is inexhaustible. With a lot of experience, good preparation and plenty of creativity, you will always be rewarded with incredibly beautiful baby photos that will stay with you for eternity.

Baby photography packages and prices

Baby photography is one of the most complex and sensitive areas of photography. Not only planning and preparation, but often also patience and calm are the true virtues during the shoot. This starts with the selection of the date and continues with the preliminary talk or talks up to the actual day of the shoot and its end.

I currently offer you three different shooting packages, which differ greatly in scope and content. In the following you can get an overview. You can get more information about the individual shootings with the respective link “More information”. Below you will find the button “Now for the shooting dates” with which you can choose between the respective shootings and choose the appropriate dates.

Baby photography Hamburg

  • Price


  • Services
    • 8 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • 3 different sets
    • Props and clothing will be provided
    • Duration: 2h (including drinking, diaper changing, etc.)

Babyfotografie family session

  • Price


  • Services
    • 13 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • 3 different sets
    • Individual portraits parents & baby
    • Family photos, possibly with animals
    • Props and clothing will be provided
    • Duration: 3h (including drinking, diaper changing, etc.)

Babyfotografie family session gold

  • Price


  • Services
    • 23 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • 5-6 different sets
    • in addition to Family Session:
      • digital picture package included
      • Photo video slideshow of all images
      • Birth cards according to parents’ wishes
      • Make-up artist for parents included


Frequently asked questions about baby photography

Pregnancy is an exciting time. But once the baby is here, everything is thrown overboard again. I am therefore always asked a number of questions in relation to baby photography, which I would like to answer for you here.

1. When is a baby photo shoot recommended?

I would like to break that down. If it’s about the first four weeks, i.e. the newborn shoot, then the period within the first two/three weeks after the birth is ideal. At this point, babies are still sleeping a lot and are usually very relaxed. When it comes to the baby photo shoot in general, it is basically the period after the fourth week of life. But then it is very individual and depends on the baby.

2. Do I need to bring clothes for the baby?

I recommend that the babies should wear comfortable clothes, preferably without prints and patterns. So nothing distracts from the baby and it is the focus of the shoot. If you want specific outfits or accessories, be sure to bring them with you. Also accessories, starting with the baby blanket or your child’s first cuddly toy. With me you can also fall back on a very large pool of baby clothing, so that we can definitely find the right outfit for your baby.

3. Where are the photos taken?

Basically, the photos are taken in the studio. This is due to the protected and warm environment alone. If the weather allows you (or the baby) to go outside, you can spontaneously take photos outside. I am lucky enough to be able to photograph your baby in a protected, large garden paradise.

4. Can siblings be present at the shoot?

Yes, of course! Siblings are also welcome. Depending on which package you have booked or how large the scope of the shoot should be, the siblings will be included in the pictures.

5. Can we upgrade the baby photoshoot if needed?

That always works and is definitely possible. Often there are various possibilities during the shooting and the parents then want to be in the pictures or make a much larger selection later than originally thought.

6. How can I book an appointment that I don’t know for sure?

You can book the shooting of your choice and choose the planned date of birth plus approx. 10 days. I’ll get in touch with you anyway after booking and we’ll discuss any eventualities. I also plan that your baby may come sooner or later and that you can easily get a free appointment. If you’re unsure, contact me a few weeks in advance and we’ll see together which date we’ll announce.

7. What if my baby is restless and cries all the time?

Don’t worry, it won’t be screaming or fidgeting all the time. It will calm down very gently and relax. You just have to trust me here.

8. What happens after the shooting and when can I see the first pictures?

After the shooting, it’s time for you to process all your impressions and get home safely. In the meantime I will look at all the pictures and sort them so that you will receive your personal online gallery by email within approx. 2-4 days. From this you can then choose your favorites at your leisure, which will then be elaborately edited and, if necessary, printed. One to two after you have completed your selection (depending on the scope) you will receive your finished pictures.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about baby photography. I wish you all the best for the birth and your baby, if this is still to come, and I would be happy if I could give you wonderful moments for eternity. If you are looking for more answers, take a look at the FAQ area, there you will find even more questions and answers, otherwise feel free to email me.

Your Julie



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