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The IPA Award

The IPA Award, based in Los Angeles, has been one of the world’s most prestigious photo competitions since 2003. This is not just about babies but basically about all kinds of photography. Whether food or fashion, automotive or architectural, portrait or landscape photography. The submitted images come from outstanding artists around the world.

I was all the more pleased that in 2020, at my first participation, one of my pictures received the 1st place in the category Professional – Family Pictures. I was so surprised that I almost missed that a second picture had been noticed and received the “Honorable Mention”. I’m really excited.

After my success at the IPA Award in 2020, I participated in this prestigious award again in 2021. In principle, I can’t serve the big categories like architecture or nature photography. That’s why it’s always so incredibly great when I can record such success in this niche. In 2021, I was able to reach second place in the category People / Newborn & Babies. In addition, 4 more pictures received the award “Honorable Mention”. Even now my joy is huge.

And now is already the third year that I have submitted some pictures there. I also received the “Honorable Mention” award in 2022 for 4 of my photos. Great – thank you very much for that.

IPA Award 2020

The picture shows 5 children and a baby. In the middle stands the big brother holding the baby, to the right and left of it the smaller sisters and next to them the even smaller sisters. Each child leans their head on the shoulder of the next bigger child.

All for one and one for all

Prize: 1st Place / People Family
The picture shows a small baby sleeping on an armchair, next to it the slightly older sister who is stroking the baby's head with her right hand and has opened a large book with her left hand and is reading from it. In the background a glowing lantern.

Fable baby

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Children

IPA Award 2021

A boarder is born

Prize: 2nd Place / People Newborn / Baby

Angels for a moment

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Children


Prize: Honorable Mention / People Family

The laughing dog

Prize: Honorable Mention / Nature-Animals / Pets

Together as one

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Children

IPA Award 2022


Prize: Honorable Mention / People Newborn / Baby

New life in an old tub

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Newborn / Baby

The bookshelf

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Newborn / Baby

To become a woman

Prize: Honorable Mention / People Family
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