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Hello, I’m Julie.
Taking photos is my great passion.

Hello, I’m Julie.
Taking photos is my great passion.

About me

The Beginning

Welcome to the website of Julie-Jolie Photo & Art. I am Juliana Könnecke and the creative head and ultimately also the photographer who brought Julie-Jolie into being. I was born in Berlin in 1983 and grew up in beautiful Flensburg. While photography had been my hobby for a few years, I started turning this hobby into a profession in 2012. Although the creative side of me was already expressed in childhood, it was more or less by chance that I came to photography. Even after years and thousands of beautiful photos, I still have thousands of ideas left and want to realize them all piece by piece.


I take photos because I love it and I love people. Most of all I love to take pictures of people. If I then make these people happy with my pictures, I have achieved everything that can be achieved in this job.

Taking photos is my fervour, my passion. So if Mark Twain has his way, I’ll never have to “work” any more. And that feels good!

Who are you?

The unknown side

The important question is not who I am. The key question is: “Who are you?” I don’t know you – not yet! Do you know yourself? Let’s find out. Let me “see” you and take a picture and I promise you: I will show you at least one side that you do not yet know about yourself.

The beautyful side

I would prefer if I can show you your children. I let you see her through my eyes and you will be surprised. Do you think you have the most beautiful children in the world? Not correct. They are even more beautiful. Let me prove it to you.

Do you want to get married? Perfect! That’s the best thing about my job: I surround myself with happy people. If you want it, I will do my part to ensure that it will not only be the most beautiful day in your life, but that it will remain in your romantic memory forever.

What I have to offer

Something to last forever

You will get memories of wonderful moments from me: a smile, a gesture, a short, wonderful moment – captured for eternity. If you book me, my full concentration will be on you, your child, your most beautiful day in life.

Trust for the moment

All I want for this to begin with is trust. Not a little, but a lot of it. So much trust that in the best of cases it is enough to put the most precious thing that you have in my hands for a few minutes: your baby. Because they are my favorite motifs – the smallest of us. And now tell me: in which strange hands would you put the well-being of your child, if not for a few hours in that of a woman who is a loving mommy herself? I promise you: it will be worth it!

For an individual price request, write me an email (info (at) in which you briefly describe what kind of shoot it should be. You are also welcome to contact me by phone or via WhatsApp or Telegram.


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