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Pregnancy photography
in Hamburg

Milk bath shoot

Maternity photography in Hamburg

Milk bath shoot

Introduction to pregnancy photography in Hamburg

Pregnancy is a unique and unforgettable moment in a woman’s life. And what would be better than capturing this wonderful moment with a professional photo shoot? If you are looking for an experienced photographer for maternity photography in Hamburg, Julie Jolie is the right place for you!

Julie offers you a wide range of services with pregnancy photography in Hamburg – from classic baby bump shooting to creative photo ideas that reflect your personality and ensure unforgettable pictures. Julie has years of experience in maternity photography, she will guide you through every step and make sure you are comfortable during the shoot.

The photo shoot is not only a way to capture memories, but also a great way to document the changes in your baby’s body and growth. Julie’s goal is to make the time of pregnancy unforgettable for you and to preserve the joy and excitement you experience.

If you decide to have a pregnancy shoot with Julie, you will receive comprehensive advice and support in order to capture this special, unique moment in really emotional pictures. She offers you flexible scheduling, fast processing of your very personal pictures and a great deal of empathy. The result in the form of wonderful photos will inspire you.

If you feel you have already reached your destination and have found Julie as your photographer for pregnancy photography in Hamburg, you can book a shooting appointment directly using the following link. If you have any questions or want to know more, just keep reading.

The sooner you contact me, the better we can plan and determine the best time. Pregnant women often come just before the birth and then again 1-2 weeks later after the birth. Then is the best time for newborn photography.

Your Julie


Why pregnancy photography is important

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, happiness and change – that’s what you should capture! Preserve these unique experiences during pregnancy with an unforgettable photo shoot in Julie Jolie’s Hamburg photo studio.

Julie is a highly experienced photographer with a passion for maternity photography. She understands how special and valuable it is to preserve this unique and special time in the form of beautiful pictures. Her skills combined with her empathy and creativity result in breathtaking and emotional shots that you will be grateful for years later, just for having had them made.

During the photo shoot, Julie will put you in the most beautiful poses (don’t worry, splits are not a requirement) and make you look completely natural. With her professional background, she is at your side with advice and action to create the perfect experience and, above all, unique pictures.

By choosing to have a pregnancy shoot, you create memories that you and your family (even your children will later be curious about what it was like before they were born) look back on with fondness. Capture the memories of the joy, anticipation and excitement of your pregnancy and keep them forever.

How to prepare for pregnancy photography

Pregnancy photography is a beautiful way to capture that special moment in your life. If you prepare yourself for such a photo session, you can make sure that with the help of a professional you will create impressive pictures and a wonderful memory for eternity.

First of all, you should make an appointment with a professional photographer (also applies to photographers). It’s important to choose a photographer who has experience with maternity photography and who you feel comfortable with. A recommendation from friends or family can be very helpful here. Of course you can also use customer reviews.

A professional photographer prepares meticulously for such an appointment and will take all your wishes into account as best as possible.

Next, you should prepare for the shoot. There are a few things you can do to make sure you’ve thought of everything yourself and will be a lot more relaxed on the day of the shoot.

The Top 5

1. Plan ahead: Choose a date when you feel comfortable and think about what you want to wear (it doesn’t matter whether you own these clothes or not).
At Julie Jolie you can choose from a huge stock of clothes and some breathtaking dresses that are available to you.

2. Clothing: It can still be decided on site whether it should be rather loose and comfortable clothing or something more conspicuous. But Julie always gives the following tips in the preliminary talk:

Bring an underwired bra, possibly without straps (not a must). In addition, different colored underwear, so that they match the clothes if necessary. Black lingerie under a white dress just doesn’t look right. If you have, you can also bring jeans (these will be left open if necessary) – no maternity jeans. You can also take great pictures with jeans.

3. Hair and makeup: It’s important to make you feel comfortable and enhance your natural beauty. Think in advance how you want to style your hair and make-up. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Julie works with a professional hair & make-up artist, which you can easily book. She comes to the studio and does the part for you.

4. Accessories: It can be fun to add accessories like jewelry or a headband to give your look that extra edge. But here, too, Julie has a large repertoire to choose from.

5. Location: Which location is ultimately chosen for the photo shoot naturally also depends on the weather. But in principle everything is possible from the park, the beach, a field or a meadow and of course the studio with numerous different backdrops.

Pregnancy photography can be a wonderful experience that you will cherish forever. By preparing for the photo shoot, you can take away some of your nervousness, the rest will be taken care of by the professional and you are in the best hands with Julie.


The advantages of professional pregnancy photography

When you are pregnant, your body is in overdrive. Something new happens every day – your belly grows, your baby moves and you experience a whole range of emotions. This is all part of this precious time and you want to remember the special moments forever. So why not hire a professional photographer and “freeze” this time in unique pictures so that you can still fall back on it years from now?

The benefits of professional pregnancy photography are numerous.
First of all, with a professional photographer you have the assurance that the images are of high quality (and that doesn’t mean image resolution). The photographer has the opportunity to work with professional equipment and know-how to take the most beautiful and authentic pictures of you and your stomach. This ensures that you can still enjoy the memories years later.

It is also possible to take the photos at the locations of your choice. Whether outdoors, in a studio (which you usually don’t have) or maybe even in a place that has a special meaning for you and your partner – with a professional photographer you have all possibilities to create your pictures.

Experience is more important than equipment

Another advantage is that the professional photographer, thanks to her experience, is able to put you in the best possible light and emphasize your strongest points. So you get a whole series of pictures that show you and your baby bump in the most beautiful and natural way in which you or your partner might not have seen you.

Sophisticated equipment is always a great thing, but that doesn’t top a high level of experience. Ideally, both can be combined.

In addition, e.g. Julie also offers several sessions during your pregnancy (but only by arrangement). This way you can capture your growing baby bump in different phases and later have a great memory of this eventful time.

So, if you are pregnant and looking for a special way to capture this time, you should definitely invest in professional maternity photography. The benefits are numerous and the memories you create with it will hold a special place in your heart forever. Talk to women who have already done this and see what other pregnant women have written in the customer reviews.

Packages and prices for pregnancy photography in Hamburg

Pregnancy photography requires preparation, both for you, the pregnant woman, and for me, the photographer. This starts with the selection of the date and usually extends over 1-2 longer preliminary talks to the actual day of the shoot.

I currently offer you three price packages for different sizes and content of pregnancy photography. In the following you can get an overview.

Pregnancy photography Hamburg

  • Price


  • Services
    • 5 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • at least 2 different sets/incl. Dresses
    • indoors or outdoors

Pregnancy photography bathtub shoot

  • Price


  • Service
    • 5 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • indoors

Pregnancy photography family session

  • Price


  • Services
    • 8 elaborately edited photos digitally and printed
    • 3 outfit changes
    • 2 different sets incl. partner & children
    • Indoors & Outdoors

If you would like more information about the prices and the content, you can find it under the following link.


Frequently asked questions about pregnancy photography

Congratulations on the pregnancy! I can imagine that you already have a lot of questions, especially when it comes to maternity photography. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you.

1. When is the best time to take pregnancy photos?

The best time to take photos is between 28 and 34/36 weeks of pregnancy. Your stomach is nice and round at this point, and hopefully you’re still comfortable enough to do some nice poses. But factors such as your clothing size before pregnancy, your height and whether it is your first or already second or third pregnancy influence the ideal time. Of course I advise you here.

2. Do I have to bring my clothes?

If you want specific outfits or accessories, be sure to bring them with you. This can be anything from your favorite dress to a baby blanket or your child’s first stuffed animal. With me you can fall back on a very large pool of fantastic clothes, so you don’t necessarily have to bring anything with you. Let yourself be surprised.

3. Where are the photos taken?

That depends on what you prefer. Some women want to take the photos in the photo studio while others prefer to take them outdoors. It is also possible to combine both, depending on your preferences and the weather.

4. Can I also bring my partner or my family?

Yes, of course! It is a wonderful idea to include your partner or family in the photo shoots. It can create some great memories.

5. How long does the photo shoot usually take?

It depends on how many photos you want and how many poses you want. Allow at least two to three hours to ensure all the photos you want can be taken. Changing outfits also takes time.

I hope I was able to answer some of your questions about maternity photography. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy and would be happy if I could give you wonderful moments for eternity.

Your Julie


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