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The International Baby Photography Contest is an international competition that has been established for over 6 years and is popular among baby photographers. The focus is on baby & newborn photography as well as pregnancy photography. Over 6500 photographers from over 60 different countries offer a breathtaking spectrum of fantastic photos.

Every month, photos can be submitted for so-called collections. If individual pictures are awarded, there is one point per image. These awards can add up within a year. Therefore, my joy in 2021 was huge, as I had simply not expected 51 awards, within one year. Never before have there been so many awards for an artist within this competition. This was then also enough for the 1st place in 2021 nationally & internationally. In 2022 I was not able to participate in all collections and still managed to take 2nd place internationally and again number 1 nationally. What a joy for me.

International Baby Photography Contest - Baby Photo Awards Trophy 2021 standing on the beach. Seagras and ocean in the background.

A small child is sitting on a large toadstool. It looks dreamily at the floor and wears a brown cap, brown trousers and a vest. The background is also brown.

Whether Odin sees me

Children photoshoot
You can see the bare belly of a pregnant woman. A little girl stands snuggled next to it and holds her mother's belly. The man embraces the pregnant woman from behind. You can see almost only bare skin and a black background.

We belong together

Maternity shoot
A newborn baby lies face down, across in a small rowing boat. A fishing rod and a paddle protrude from the boat.

Rowing makes me tired

Newborn photoshoot
A baby is sitting on a small bed. A newborn baby is lying right next to it and is sleeping. The baby looks to the viewer. There are decorative boxes and a globe in the background.

But please with style

Newborn & family photoshoot
A mother sits leaning in a square window at home with her newborn baby. The wall around the window is green.

Baby in the window

Homestory photoshoot
A baby sits in a small tub full of water and has fun bathing. Bathroom decorations in the background.

Great fun in a small tub

Baby photoshoot
A small newborn baby in a white cap and white romper is sleeping on a small decorative sailing boat. One leg hangs casually over the side of the ship.

The maritime dream

Newborn photoshoot
A baby and a collie are cuddled up in a fluffy blanket. The baby is sleeping and the dog is looking at the viewer.

Who is taking care of whom?

Newborn photoshoot
Seven siblings sit together on a four-poster bed. The big brother in the middle and the smaller sisters on the outside, the even smaller ones on the outside. The newborn baby lies on the boy's lap. Everyone bends over to the baby.

7 in one go

Newborn & family photoshoot
For its first birthday, a baby sits in a decorated setting with a pile of pancakes in front of him. It is holding a pancake in the air with both hands and has smeared its mouth.

King of pancakes

Pancake photoshoot
A newborn baby lies asleep on an armchair. The older sister is sitting next to her with a large open book on her shoulders. A lantern shines in the background.

There was once…

Newborn / family photoshoot
Two small children and their mother sit on a rustic bed in a pre-Christmas atmosphere. The mother holds a glowing book in her hand, a poodle stands in front of the bed. The background is decorated for Advent.

Magical Advent moments

Family photoshoot
A girl with a mermaid tail lies on a rock. The fin shimmers blue. In the background an arm of the sea and behind it the green coastal strip.

Mermaid on the beach

Outdoor photoshoot
A newborn baby is lying on a blanket with the older sister next to it. The baby sleeps, the sister laughs happily.

Little brother, great joy

Newborn / family photoshoot
A baby is lying on a large toadstool and is still looking up at a sparkling sky. A collie sits next to it and looks in the same direction.

Lucky devil on the fly agaric

Baby photoshoot with dog
A baby lies in a large nutshell and sleeps. Next to it is the older sister, who gently leans her head against the baby's.

In the nutshell

Newborn / family photoshoot
A heavily pregnant woman in a long red dress is standing on a dirt road. Directly in front of her is a large, red truck with the cab folded forward. In the background you can see the sky with clouds and lightning.

Rock ‘n’ roll

Outdoor maternity shoot
A baby lies asleep in an old 18th century stroller. It leans a little out of the stroller. The older sister sits on the floor and looks at the baby.

Take a nap in the stylish car

Newborn / family photoshoot
A bare-chested dad holds his newborn baby gently against his face. The background is skin-colored.

It’s very familiar with papa

Newborn photoshoot
A little girl lies on a white fur and holds a newborn baby tightly in her arms. Both are facing each other and smiling.

My little brother

Newborn / family photoshoot
Five children stand next to each other. In the middle the oldest brother, to the right and left of it two sisters, who get smaller towards the outside. The boy is carrying a newborn baby in his arms.

One for all, all for one

Newborn / family photoshoot
A baby lies on a chair and sleeps. Next to it sits a large cuddly moose that drinks milk. In the background is a Christmas tree and decorations.

Moose, we’re taking a break

Newborn photoshoot
A baby lies asleep on a small sofa in a nostalgic environment. It wears large glasses. In the foreground you can see an old radio in the background a globe.

Philosophical recreation

Newborn photoshoot
A black and white picture of a pregnant woman in a long dress, next to her on a stool, her little son. Both have their hands on their mother's stomach and are laughing.

Who knows what’s in your stomach

Maternity shoot
A baby sleeps prone on a small suitcase. One leg hangs down from the suitcase. Various items of clothing stick out of the suitcase.

My suitcase is packed

Newborn photoshoot
A small baby is sleeping on a decorative lounger. A Dalmatian bends lovingly towards the baby. The background is white.

1 dalmatian is enough for me

Newborn photoshoot with dog
A mother holds her little newborn baby in her arms. She is dressed in black, the baby in gray. The background is black.

In my arms again

Newborn photoshoot
An baby fell asleep on a pile of books. An ink pen lies in front of him. A small lantern lights up next to it.

I write letters “oldschool”

Newborn photoshoot
Two little siblings stand next to each other and hold a newborn baby in their arms together.

Now there are three of us

Newborn / family photoshoot
A pregnant woman is bare bones in front of a dark gray wall. A dark gray cloth is wrapped around the upper and lower body, which is blown far up in the background.

She’s like the wind

Maternity photoshoot with Wind
A baby lies prone with its head propped up on one arm. In the other hand is a small red cuddly toy that matches the red cap.

Me and my cuddly toy

Newborn photoshoot
A baby lies prone, asleep on medical scales. One foot is touching the ground as if it were being supported.

I cheat while weighing

Newborn photoshoot
A pregnant woman in a pink dress is standing in a bright forest. Her daughter is sitting on a tree stump next to her, wearing a similar dress. Butterflies fly around them.

Two princesses

Maternity / outdoor photoshoot
A little girl in a gold dress is standing on a forest path. She is trying to capture something with her dress. It looks like stardust.

Star coins

Children / outdoor photoshoot
A small baby sits in an open fruit box, arms and head propped up on a pile of books, and sleeps. The slightly older sister sits leaning against the box and has an open book in her hands.

You have to listen when I read

Newborn / family photoshoot
A little baby sleeps with his head on a pumpkin. It lies in an open fruit box. The little sister is sitting above it with a lantern in her hands.

Angels watch in the night

Newborn / children photoshoot
A pregnant woman in a pink dress is standing on a lonely forest path, her hands under her belly, her eyes closed. She is holding a large, pink balloon in her left hand.

The floating balloon

Maternity photoshoot
A baby lies prone asleep in a small bed with its head facing the viewer. One arm hangs casually over the end of the bed. Next to the bed is a small table with a vase and sunflowers on it.

Just lie there on Sundays

Newborn photoshoot
A baby sits in a wooden bucket and sleeps. Two small dogs sit on the right and left and look at the photographer.

It’s best to be three

Newborn photoshoot with dog
Two sisters sit on a kind of nutshell and each hold a newborn baby in their arms. The floor is made of rough wooden planks.

Double pack

Newborn / children photoshoot
A little girl in a red dress is sitting on a wooden horse. Everything around is decorated for Christmas. At the bottom left is a huge teddy bear.

In the Advent room

Children photoshoot
A young girl is sitting on a folded sack. She is holding a small newborn baby and nuzzling her head against the baby's. On the right and left are small decorative elements.


Newborn / children photoshoot
A young girl lies on her back with a dress. The sister baby is exactly in the other direction. Both heads are close together and the older sister is holding the baby.

From sister to sister

Newborn / children photoshoot
An elaborate picture with lots of details. In the middle, a baby with a big red bow on his head lies in a chair and sleeps. The whole decoration is Christmassy and reminds of the Advent season. Advent boxes and gnomes are standing around.

Is that the Christ Child?

Newborn photoshoot
A small baby is sleeping on a cream-colored blanket, looking at the viewer. Next to it, coming from the right, the older sister hugs the baby. She wears a small headband.

Mischievously together

Newborn photoshoot
Two babies sit next to each other and wear angel wings. They seem completely lost in thought. There is fairy dust around them.

Two angels on earth

Newborn photoshoot
Two girls are lying on a carpet decorated for Christmas and hold their heads together. In the background is a Christmas tree. Around them there are cookie jars, teddy bears, toys and lanterns.

Let’s dream together

Children photoshoot
A little boy is sitting on the floor with a bucket between his legs. A newborn baby sits in this bucket, cuddled in a blanket, and sleeps.

Woe to you move the bucket

Newborn / children photoshoot
A small baby is sitting in a decorative flower, has a wreath of flowers on his head and smiling, looking up at the viewer.

I am a flower

Newborn photoshoot
A small child with a light brown knitted hat and sweater and dark brown knitted trousers sits on a wooden horse and looks in the direction of the photographer. Rustic wooden toys lie next to it.

A wooden horse is a start

Children photoshoot
A large teddy bear sits on a small wooden bench. A little baby sleeps on his lap. Next to it sits the bigger brother and gives the teddy bear a kiss on the nose.

The big bear

Newborn / family photoshoot
A girl is lying on a blanket, next to her a gray poodle. She gives the dog a kiss. Everything around them is decorated for Christmas. There is an imp on the left.

You are my present

Children photoshoot with dog
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