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Newborn shoot with two dogs

Shooting a newborn baby with dogs is a special affair. Two companions were present at this shoot and of course wanted their attention. There are not many moments when the baby is in a pose and the dogs in their place, let alone smile friendly at the camera.

I like to photograph newborns, babies and children with dogs. That may sound very stressful at the beginning, but it is only when the atmosphere is not relaxed. The often very small baby in the presence of a sometimes large dog has a magical visual effect. Once the baby has fallen asleep, the dog often comes to rest too.

In this picture two dogs were present as part of the family. After the baby had snuggled up on the armchair, the two dogs, with the help of their mistress, let themselves be wonderfully involved in the shoot. However, it was not possible without goodies here either. But the actual moment that led to this picture was very brief. As is so often the case in photography, there are often only a few moments for the “perfect” picture. If you are not prepared, that’s it and the mood is gone.

You can find some insights into my results of baby and dog photography here in the gallery.

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