Drei Babys liegen quer auf einem Bettchen, mit dem Kopf zum Fotografen. Sie schlafen und sind aneinandergekuschelt.

Baby & Newborn Exclusive Session


Photography & Editing

With the exclusive package, such a shoot is on the agenda. A lot of preparation is required for such a photo shoot to be successful and full of joy, but I’ll take care of that for you.

This large package includes 16 photos, which are elaborately edited after consultation and prior selection. The 16 images are then printed in high quality, measuring 15 x 20 cm. If the publication of the photos is approved, there will be 2 extra photos that will also be edited. There are then a total of 18 images.

During the shoot, we develop at least 5-6 different sets, as well as individual portraits of the parents with the baby. Of course, shared family photos should not be missing, so that these can also be added. This results in a large repertoire of great pictures. You will receive all photos, edited and unedited, on a CD. The 16 main pictures then come in a slideshow, including music and text, which can also be found on the CD. We then have 50 thank you cards made from a photo, for which you can enter the text. Your favorite photo will come into its own in a 20 x 30cm wood print, which will definitely find a nice place with you.

All in all, it’s a big shoot, with a lot of preparation and even longer follow-up, which in the end results in many enchanting and unforgettable pictures.

Additional Options

Although the exclusive package already includes a lot of photos, it is sometimes just difficult to make a decision from the wealth of pictures. Of course, you can also choose more than 16 (or 18) photos. The additional images are then also elaborately edited, like all the others. The costs are at 22 € / image.


Exclusive Session Fee

899 €

Additional image editing

22 € / image

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